Camping spots on the Homegrounds will need to be reserved this ASAP this year. Call Carville Evering at 410-679-5195 or email using the form below.
Unreserved spots will be released to out of state shooters on January 15th. Payment of $25 a night is due in advance. Lease holders need to confirm usage by May 15th or the site will be released for rent.

If you attend the warm-up prior to the state shoot, since you are allowed a day after and a day before you will be covered to keep your camper on the grounds the entire time in between the two shoots. The camping fee still applies every night your camper is on the grounds whether there is a shoot that day or not. To reserve a spot call Carville Evering at 410-679-5195 or use the email form below.

We are offering 5 year leases for $1000. If interested please use the contact form below or call Carville Evering 410-679-5195

If you are having an issue with the form, please send you inquiry to [email protected]